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Konstellation helps data teams fix what matters most as quickly as possible. Data engineers, analysts, scientists, and other data team members deal with data issues every day. Being first to know about those issues is the most crucial part of starting to work on them.

Konstellation provides continuous data quality and reliability status to data teams and points them in the right direction by showing where to start. Data observability capabilities like understanding what happened and running root-cause analysis on those issues to understand why they happened are out-of-the-box features with minimum setup time. Konstellation is a plug-and-play platform that enables data teams to learn more about their data within minutes.

On top of competitive data observability capability, Konstellation offers incident prioritization logic that makes data teams fix what matters. Dealing with hundreds of data issues every day is a challenging job. Konstellation offers a ranked list of incidents so that the data teams can use their time more effectively and provide evidence for why they are working on an issue objectively. The criticality score is an ML-driven algorithm that scans a determined data set and prioritizes the issues coming from that data set. It gives the starting point for data teams to plan their resources more efficiently.

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For a decade now, Kursat and Oxana have been leading data teams, leveraging their collective experience to drive innovation. Their dynamic partnership at Disney Streaming Data Organization for three years resulted in shipping great data products. While Kursat enjoys data product management, setting visions, and wandering in the business world, Oxana is a top-notch executor and a highly technical, hands-on data professional. Since they started to work together, they made a wonderful duo team.

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the data industry, they founded Konstellation to address the unmet needs of data teams, both overlooked and overwhelmed. Konstellation emerged from the founders’ firsthand experience with the field's challenges, embodying a commitment to revolutionize the industry landscape.

Informed by years of hands-on experience and a clear vision, Kursat and Oxana stand poised to redefine the future of data quality and reliability through Konstellation.

Kursat Hosel
Kursat Hosel

Kursat is a computer engineer by education. He founded four companies and decided to take a break from his entrepreneurial career in 2017 when he made a B2B SaaS exit....

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Oxana Urdaneta
Oxana Urdaneta

Oxana, originally from Venezuela, majored in Computer Science and discovered her passion for data during her college years. Oxana's career is built on her hands-on experience in data engineering....

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Kursat & Oxana