Effortless data quality management

Anticipate issues and streamline prioritization with Konstellation data observability tool.

Konstellation is a fully automated approach to detecting data issues at scale, identifying their root cause and serving a prioritized list of incidents based on impact to the business.



See across data pipelines and be first to know about issues

With Konstellation, data teams can continuously understand, monitor, and manage data quality, reliability, and performance across various data pipelines.

Konstellation proactively observes data sets for:

• Freshness
• Lineage
• Volume
• Schema
• Metadata

Choose from default or customized monitors you set: check data landing times, SLA correspondence, changes and impacts on lineage, and volume expectations and anomalies. Konstellation identifies issues and clusters them to decrease resolution times.

Understand your data, outline their lineage, and receive standardized quality and reliability scores per table with Konstellation’s ML-driven anomaly detection algorithms and user-defined monitors.

Highly automated, Konstellation doesn’t need additional configuration when your data pipelines evolve.

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KonstellationData Prioritize Image

Fix what matters

Ditch the never-ending backlog of tens or even hundreds of daily alerts in tools, email inboxes, and other communication channels.

Konstellation prioritizes data issues based on their importance and urgency so teams know where to start and what to fix first. The ML-driven algorithm generates a Criticality Score™ that your team can use to understand the urgency of each issue.

But every organization is another galaxy with specific data models, distinct business questions to answer, and unique conditions. That’s why Konstellation’s Criticality Score algorithm learns from your data organization’s habits (landing times, SLAs, query usage, and many more characteristics) as well as direct and indirect user feedback. Over time Konstellation empowers teams with ever more precise guidance on where to look, what to fix, and where to start – avoiding the burden of firefighting during roadmap execution.


Streamline incident management and preempt data issues

Konstellation’s predictive models help data teams in two pivotal ways:

1. Efficient Incident Resolution
Get suggestions for specific actions to remediate issues, based on historical data and root-cause analysis. The suggestion goes into recommended communication channels – whether that’s specific email addresses and/or Slack channels – and assigns the incident to the appropriate user or team. This intelligent automation not only accelerates incident management but also lets your team focus on resolving issues rather than assigning and communicating about them.

2. Data Issue Prediction
Data teams can foresee and preempt issues with Konstellation’s predictive capability. Like the Criticality Score, the prediction model learns from your data’s particular conditions, as well as direct and indirect user feedback.

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Get a mission control center for your data organization

No need to change your existing incident management systems, workflows, and habits: Konstellation integrates with most common cloud storage, computing, orchestration, and logging tools as well as notification and alerting systems. Because Konstellation sits between the data sources and notification tools, you’ll be able to see all the data quality and reliability status and metrics from multiple sources in one place.