Konstellation Overview

Effortless Data Management

Anticipate issues and streamline prioritization with Konstellation data observability tool.

How It Works

Fix What Matters

Konstellation is a fully automated approach to detecting data issues at scale, identifying their root cause and serving a prioritized list of incidents based on impact to the business.


See across data pipelines and be first to know about issues
With Konstellation, data teams can continuously observe, understand, and manage data quality, reliability, and performance across various data pipelines.
Proactive Data Observations
Konstellation proactively observes data sets for freshness, lineage, volume, schema, and metadata, among other key attributes.
Customized ObservabilityCustomized Observability
Choose from out-of-box quality checks or create custom monitors for your unique needs:
  • Data timeliness: Monitor when data arrives and whether it meets set service level agreements SLAs
  • Impact on lineage: Trace root causes and assess downstream effects.
  • Volume anomalies: Track unexpected increases or decreases in data volume.
  • Data quality expectations: Add Custom checks to verify data meets your expectations.
Konstellation not only identifies issues but also organizes them into clusters to reduce notification fatigue and speed up resolution times.
Advanced Data Insights
Gain insights into your data with:
  • ML-driven anomaly detection: Automatically detect irregularities in your data.
  • Quality and reliability scores: Receive standardized assessments for each data table.
Effortless Adaptability
Highly automated and user-friendly, Konstellation adapts seamlessly as your data pipelines evolve —no additional configuration needed.
Help Teams Focus
Ditch the never-ending backlog of tens or even hundreds of daily alerts across tools, email inboxes, and other communication channels. Konstellation streamlines workflow and enhances team efficiency by prioritizing data issues based on their importance and urgency. Our ML-driven algorithm generates a Criticality Score™ that helps your team quickly understand the impact of each issue.
Tailored to Your Company
Every organization is another galaxy with specific data models, distinct business questions, and unique operational conditions. That’s why Konstellation’s Criticality Score algorithm is designed to adapt and learn from your organization’s specific habits -- from data landing times and SLA adherence to query usage and beyond.
Adaptive Learning to Empower Teams
Benefit from a system that evolves with you. Konstellation’s algorithm learns from both organizational data and user feedback, progressively sharpening its guidance. Over time, this ensures your team knows exactly what to fix and where to start – so they can shift from reactive firefighting to proactive problem-solving.
Streamline Incident Management and Preempt Data Issues
Konstellation’s predictive models empower data teams to proactively manage and resolve data issues with enhanced efficiency and foresight.
Efficient Incident Resolution
Streamline your response to data issues with Konstellation's intelligent suggestions. Our system uses historical data and root-cause analysis to direct suggestions to the right communication channels, such as specific email addresses or Slack channels. This automation assigns incidents to the appropriate team, letting your staff focus on resolution rather than coordination.
Proactive Issue Prediction
Stay ahead of potential problems with Konstellation’s predictive capabilities. Our models forecast data issues before they arise, using a learning algorithm that adapts to your unique data conditions and user feedback. Like our Criticality Score, this proactive approach helps your data teams preemptively address challenges, ensuring smoother operations.
Seamless Integration with Your Current Systems
Konstellation meets your team wherever you work – no need to change your existing incident management systems, workflows, and habits. Alerts come to your notification channels, and incidents are tracked in your ticket management systems.
The Konstellation Difference

Built for Efficiency and Scale

Data Engineers can focus on fixing what matters because they’re the first to know about issues, and they understand each issue’s root cause and priority based on business impact.
Engineering time saved.

Trust is built throughout the organization.

Reduced alert fatigue.

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